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Volume Expert

VOLUME EXPERT - the portal of intellectual and information support of all participants of the market: the professional and beginning traders, portfolio managing directors and financial analysts seeking to adapt in the environment of modern trading with use of technologies of Volume trade and Market Profile.

Each project has to be based on the new, authentic idea, bear new opportunities and resources for the partners and clients. Our project has such idea - unique statistically - contextual technology! The technology, which is already bringing tremendous results to traders. The technology capable to turn your perception of market processes and to bring you with truly successful trading.

Effectively and fully to seize our technology we have designed and with pleasure we present you the multilevel , immersive system of training of our new technology and to modern methods of professional electronic trading: from informative, fact-finding courses and webinars to the professional intensive and master classes prolonged in time.

Seeking to help you to see internal structure of the market and the hidden mechanism of his development, those key moments of capital flow in the market to which you, perhaps, didn't pay attention earlier, we have included in the program of our courses and master classes all the latest trading and training technologies which are based on structuring and the analysis of data on electronic volumes and contextual understanding of it! We with pleasure are ready to share with you those principles and trade schemes which we managed to develop and accumulate for years of real trade experience.

Fundamental task of the portal is switching of your consciousness with habitual and several outdated methods of giving, processing and analysis of financial exchange information on more modern types of work with data. And also: expansion of your market understanding and self-understanding in the context of trading, development of skills of structural thinking and skills of work with statistics on volumes on various financial instruments and in relation to various time frames both within courses, and through continuous synchronization within analytical services.

Knowledge and possession of our statistically - contextual technology will completely change your perception of market processes and considerably will advance you on the way to perfect understanding of the market.

Well, and achievement of progress in trading by you will be direct result of addition of infinite number of factors: from the choice of temporary parameters of a trade before development of your own trade style and creation of strategy, from your self-management to a constant improvement of the trade process, from time and the energy spent by you for education before judgment of results of practice. And MOST OF ALL – FROM YOUR PASSION AND ASPIRATION TO RESULT!