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Our experience shows that traders who went to success purposefully and consistently welcome labor-intensive process of knowledge. And traders who resist process of training and aren't capable to adapt to new technologies, usually finish the movement and look for easy answers (which don't exist). Any rule which isn't flexible is doomed to become outdated as the market doesn't allow stability in any form. "Rules" which you will face in "A basic course of statistically contextual technology" are just directing lines, flexible indicators which can help you with your attempts to identify market opportunities, at the moment when disagreements of the market develop in your advantage.

The course is created by the official author and developer of the statistically contextual technology – Vokhmyanina Milla and represents an optimum combination of a theoretical and practical training. The course will be interesting and useful, both to the beginning traders, and for more skilled bidders. All technological schemes of a course are universal and are visually illustrated by real trade examples on the basis of financial instruments of the American future and stock market (Futures of e-mini S&P500, gold, currency futures)

Classes in a course take place in a form of an intensiv. The program of a course has provided the system of the tests and homeworks providing "feedback" and helping to estimate to the teacher, material has been how well acquired. Training is provided in an internal, remote and individual form.

By the End of the “Basic course”, You Will Learn How To:

  • Manage all functions and instruments of the VOLFIX.net platform;
  • Understand of structure of the market and internal mechanism of his development;
  • To treat, enter into a market context and to use data on volumes and other statistical parameters on various time intervals and at construction and optimization of strategy: day and medium-term;
  • Understand of specifics of work with data on volumes at different stages of development of a tendency: in an impulse and at the reverse of a tendency.
  • What is through- time analytic and how to use it
  • Use statistical compliances and recognize statistical divergences
  • Use of a technology for to create week and day trade plans.

It allows to fulfill independently further the schemes studied during a course and to improve the trade strategy. If you want to understand internal structure of the market and the hidden mechanism of his development if you want to learn to use professionally statistics on volumes and to promote in the understanding of the market if you want to have down to a science the VOLFIX platform and our innovative statistically contextual technology – this course for you!

Program of a Basic course:

1 day: Fundamental aspects of technology

  • Logical base and connection with Market Profile
  • Basic aspects and sources of statistically contextual technology.
  • Advantages of the technology and rules of using it.
  • Organization of trading process : necessary technical, intellectual, information and energy resources
  • Structure of the Volfix.net platform and acquaintance to tools and functions of the platform.
  • Advantages of VOLFIX.

2 day: We begin to work with the market statistics

  • The volume, the price, time – basic objective indicators of the transaction.
  • What is the volume and why the statistics on volumes is so important? Types of market volumes. Interpretation: statistics, physics, psychology
  • Development of primary skills on work with indicators of volumes (practician)
  • Basic levels of system analytical approach (Time, direction, priority of actions, price reference points).
  • Level first: volumes – time (work with volumes in the ratio the time parameter)
  • Detailed study of trade schemes on this level on the example of various financial instruments (real trade situations)
  • Practical training and tests

3 day: Rules of work with statistic in a trend, at consolidation of the market and at demolition of a tendency

  • Level second: statistic – the direction (work with volumes, timing and volatility in the ratio the direction parameter )
  • Three basic rules corrected uses of data on statistical compliances (and statistical divergences) during the work with the direction parameter
  • Key parameters of identification of reverses on the different time-frames
  • Through-time analytic
  • Practical training and tests

4 day: We define a priority of actions

  • Level third: statistical compliances – a priority of actions (work with statistical compliances in the ratio the "priority of actions" parameter)
  • Detailed study of trade schemes on this level on the example of various financial instruments (real trade situations)
  • Working off of trading sessions in the mode of the simulator of the auction

5 day: The method of definition of target reference points and control of risks

  • Level fourth: statistical compliances – price reference points (work with statistics in the ratio the "price reference points" parameter and control methods of risks)
  • How to find the target for your trades?
  • How we control our risks and reduce them to 4-5 ticks
  • Detailed study of trade schemes on this level on the example of various financial instruments (real trade situations)
  • Working off of trading sessions in the mode of the simulator of the auction

6 day: Additional tools of analytics

  • Ticks technologies
  • Systems of combination of tools of analytics
  • Practical training and tests

7 day: Our innovations into intraday trading:

  • Deep connection and context understanding of each day inside the bigger time- frames
  • Newest classification of the days types
  • The structure of the reverse inside day- timeframe
  • System use of Box-chart and Tick-chart for an exact entrance to the transaction
  • Factor of time and intraday rhythms

8 day: Algorithm of creation of the project of week and trading session: plan, scenarios, strategy choice

  • Development of the analysis, forecast and scenario of behavior
  • Algorithm of actions
  • Points of bifurcation and action of the experts
  • Psychological component

9 day: Online training: realization of an algorithm of week planning

  • Development of the week plan, joint with group, on the example of a concrete market situation
  • Acting out day after day the week plan in a combination with day premarket
  • Nuances of effective use of tools of the Volfix.net platform for generation of an entry point with an optimum ratio risks – profits
  • Discussion of questions of participants of a course

10 day: Concluding session of a course

  • Creation and discussion of the table of cumulative experience
  • Further discussion of the subjects of a course which have caused difficulty
  • Individual recommendations for each of participants of a course about further steps training or readiness for the auction

The cost of a remote course and course in record: - 500 EURO.

Cost of an on-line course - 1000 EURO.

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