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The unique immersive course combining predictive analytics and prolonged continuous process of training.

The course is intended to the traders who were trained on the Basic course on our statistically contextual technology and familiar with the basic principles of work with statistical data on the trading volumes on various time-frames and various phases of a tendency.

The course is built on three major vectors: the dynamic and predictive analysis of a market situation, tactical reaction and analysis of transactions of participants of a course and profound studying of professional aspects of statistically contextual technology (with use of projects on the database)

It is the most saturated according to contents, a professional and difficult course from all which you had to face. It takes focus, commitment and the willingness to activate all instruments you received on the Basic course, to learn easily and naturally to apply it as in the static analysis and dynamic, at tactical response and work to deduction of your position.

The predictive analytics includes not only a phase of fixing of a situation in the market with definition of the current significant zones of Cost on different time-frames, grids of probabilistic passes, but also definition of priorities of actions of the forthcoming week, forecasting of potential scenarios of development of the market, determination of strategic and tactical levels of the forthcoming week.

In the segment of advanced studying of technology on this course we will study the following subjects:

  • auction thinking + through-time analytics
  • predictive: project of week
  • dynamic analysis: contextual judgment of statistics
  • control and debugging of a grid of probabilistic passes
  • structuring and assessment of the balance environment
  • timing + tactical reaction
  • rules of repositioning
  • design of transactions of high reliability
  • types of days: the post-market + premarket protocols
  • role of overnight volumes
  • types of weeks and week rhythms
  • instruments of recognition of the expert and large trader
  • development of protocols of tactical reaction

Key component of any training is the analysis of cumulative experience. For this reason, within a course we will carry out the review of transactions, the structured analysis successes and failures of participants of group for the purpose of optimization of trade process of each trader.

Program of weekly occupations:
  • Every Sunday: predictive analysis of the market, development of the plan of week plus profound studying of professional aspects of technology
  • Every Wednesday: a meridian of week – leading of local results, monitoring of activity of the market and the current positions, the analysis of transactions of participants (optimization of tactical reaction) forecasting of the latter half of the week. Analysis of homework.
  • Every Friday: results of week, a briefing following the results of the auction and tests: analysis of transactions and mistakes, trading club.

Duration of a course is 1-2 months with a possibility of extension of a subscription to a course the next months.

Training cost – 1500$

ATTENTION! It is necessary to be registered on a course. Payment will be accepted after definition of start date of a course.

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