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Description of a course:

It is very important to make a right choice for easy and effective start and not to get confused in all variety of the offered market research methods. This course is intended for the beginning traders or for traders with brief experience intuitively feeling that the statistics on volumes is a key to understanding of the market that the Volume analysis won't allow to slide off to you to the senseless and useless sphere of subjectivity and outdated indicators. Already at the initial level of studying of technology of Volume trade you receive the accurate and logical system of coordinates and mass of useful skills.

A course is conducted both in presentia, and in a remote form – in the form of online webinars on the basis of the hi-tech Adobe Connect platform. Record of a course within 2-3 weeks after completion of occupations will be available to all participants of a course.

Program of a course:

1 day: History of emergence of a tekhnolgiya of Volume trade. Basic principles of a concept.

  • The auction structure of the market displayed in a market profile
  • Concept of Cost
  • Bases of reading schedules of Market Profile
  • Fundamental differences of concepts of the old technical analysis and technology of Volume trade

2 day: The VOLFIX platform – the advanced part of information and analytical space.

  • Principles of giving of quotation: standard and the latest.
  • Advantages of volume quotation and rule of reading
  • Detailed acquaintance to tools and functions of the platform
  • How to pick up platform strukturizator according to the trader's tasks?

3 day: Principles of work with statistics on volumes.

  • A role of indicators of volumes in structure of analytical process
  • Basic principles of creation of a grid of probabilistic passes
  • Contextual understanding of statistical data on volume
  • Trekhtraymfreymovy structure in the analysis of the market

Course cost: 300USD.

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